Support Families Living with ASD

The North Georgia Autism Foundation’s mission is to help families through their journey as they raise a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They offer much-needed support to families through an array of resources designed to remove barriers to success.

Raising a child with autism can be difficult – whether it be the caretaking itself or the pressures and misunderstanding from society and even those around you. That’s where The North Georgia Autism Foundation comes in as they work to tackle those imminent needs of families living with ASD. They operate on 3 specific fronts to help caregivers and people living under the spectrum: early diagnosis, clinical treatments, and personal development!

Although there is still so much to learn about what causes ASD, our agency is so proud to get behind this cause as we advocate for all who are perceived as different, from the highest functioning forms of autism to the more intensive special needs cases. We invite you to join us as we raise support for this remarkable organization and advocate for all the local children with autism in our community. Join our #AgentsofChange program and support The North Georgia Autism Foundation today!


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