By Kevin Panter | April 12, 2019

Home Inventory Checklist

We hope you never experience it, but in the event of a serious homeowners insurance claim, a home inventory checklist will quickly become your best friend.

Simply put, a home inventory checklist is a complete list of everything you own. Whether you do it as a computer spreadsheet, hand-written entries in a notebook, and or video, documenting your possessions will save you a massive amount of time and effort if you should ever suffer a fire or catastrophe.

The video below covers how to create a home inventory checklist, and here are a few quick pointers:


  • List Everything of Value
  • Include Serial #’s where possible
  • Keep your list updated
  • Take as many pictures as possible
  • Keep your home inventory checklist in a safe place
    • Email it to yourself
    • Store it online/in the cloud
    • Keep a copy with a neighbor or friend
    • Keep a copy in a safe deposit box

Here is an additional article on creating a home inventory checklist from Grange Insurance.

Also, if you have items of high value, make sure to discuss them with us. Most homeowners insurance policies have limitations on some certain types of personal property like jewelry, furs, cash, coins, collectibles and/or antiques.

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