By Kevin Panter | March 12, 2019

Landlord Insurance

If you own property that is rented to others, you most likely need Landlord Insurance.

Landlord Insurance provides three main areas of coverage:

  • Property Insurance – this covers the dwelling/building that is rented to other and any appliances you provide or equipment kept on the premises to maintain the property.
  • Liability Insurance – this protects the property owner from liability in the event someone gets hurt on the premises. There may also be some coverage to cover the landlord from wrongful eviction and other landlord related lawsuits.
  • Loss of Income – If the property should be damaged due to a covered event and you are no longer able to charge rent, this coverage will replace the lost rents while the property is being repaired (subject to a limit).

Keep in mind that a landlord insurance policy covers only the structure itself (and equipment used to maintain the structure). It does not provide coverage for the tenant’s personal property. Many landlords will require their tenants to carry tenant’s insurance or renters insurance policies to avoid there being any issues.

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